Expedibox specializes in the development of technological solutions to manage and streamline the e-commerce delivery process thanks to the management of smart lockers. We create personalized online management platforms as well as secure smart lockers, both easy to use and versatile. We are the answer to a growing demand from a vast clientele including residential buildings, retail spaces and even private businesses.



Expedibox lockers are durable, shock-resistant and locked with unique codes.

Locally Made

Expedibox is a Quebec-based company with lockers assembled right here!


No more waiting and making detours on your way home! You can pick-up your parcel in less than 20 seconds at the time that suits you.


Expedibox can be used by any type of delivery service or company.

Easy to use

Whether it to drop-off or pickup your parcel, Expedibox allows you to do it on your own in the blink of an eye.


Expedibox smart lockers come in many shapes and sizes depending on your unique needs.

Parcel lockers

Expedibox smart lockers are easy to use and customizable according to your needs.

Once the locker is installed, all users have to do is create an account with Expedibox and link both together. Once they are subscribed, users can drop-off or receive parcels and track them in real time. Once the parcel is dropped off, the person receiving it gets an email or text notification with a unique code to unlock the smart locker and receive their goods. No more parcels out in the open or stress wondering when you will able to pick it up. With our solution, you'll have a safe and practical space to quickly and easily pickup your parcel in less than 20 seconds.

To optimize the space for our lockers, we've studied data from delivery giants like Amazon and UPS.


  • 1.5mm resistant steel
  • Modular lockers for various spaces
  • 4G internet connection
  • 10” or 15” touchscreen
  • 2D scanner
  • Camera
  • Emergency batteries
  • Refrigerated space (optional)
  • Customizable logos, icons and colours
  • Accessible API for various integrations
  • Customizable messaging systemn
  • Reminders for forgotten parcels
  • Real-time temperature readings
  • Performance analysis
  • Web platform with subscription
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting service included
  • Solution for medication delivery
  • Possibility to add interactive screen
  • Maximum of 160 doors per set
  • GPS tracking of lockers

Refrigerated lockers

Les espaces de nos casiers viennent en différentes dimensions, basées sur les besoins actuels du commerce en ligne. Ils conviennent autant pour des colis réguliers que pour des boîtes de prêt-à-manger.

Our lockers come in different sizes, based on the ever-evolving needs of e-commerce. They can be used for regular parcels or for lunch and food subscription boxes. Our lockers can also be bespoke at your convenience. We are currently working on a refrigerated locker unit with temperature control in real time. Contact us for more information, it would be our pleasure to fill you in.